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The review described a vet whose performance reflected a mix of positive qualities and drawbacks, thereby creating some ambiguity about the vet’s overall competence [consistent with previous research ; see also ]. To ensure the performance review was realistic, it was developed collaboratively with the British Veterinary Association . Moreover, and quite critically, we examine whether any persisting gender bias is broadly evident, or whether it is perpetuated by a particular subset of individuals. Specifically, we test whether those who believe that women in their field no longer face bias are, perhaps ironically, the most likely to convey biased perceptions and evaluations. While such a belief may seem reasonable to adopt, especially upon seeing women’s representation in the field grow , it may actually make one more susceptible to conveying bias.

The authors have nicely addressed some of my concerns (in particular the statistical analyses are improved-the authors are to be commended for their work to improve the robustness of their conclusions) but some concerns remain, and some minor new concerns arose pertaining to the new analyses. My main concerns remaining have to do with how the statistical analyses are presented.

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We agree with the reviewer and have removed the sample size calculation since our sample was not truly random and the formalism requires this criteria for the calculation. 16b) Please consider replacing the terms associations, author associations etc. with the terms combinations, author combinations. 5) More details are needed regarding the data and analyses to ensure replicability. Typically, when writing about statistical analyses, we include the name of the software (e.g., SAS, Stata, SPSS, etc.) or statistical programming environment and version number. This is because the same analyses run in different software could produce slightly different results. Thank you for submitting the revised version of your manuscript “Disequilibrium in Gender Ratios among Authors who Contributed Equally”. The revised manuscript has been reviewed again by the referee who had the most specific concerns about the statistical analyses employed in the original version (Reviewer #2), and while they welcome many of the changes, they still have a number of concerns that you will need to address .

This is evident from the fact that the blue bars are closer to 100% in 2010 than in 1980. The idea of the adjusted pay gap is to make comparisons within groups of write essay workers with roughly similar jobs, tenure and education. This allows us to tease out the extent to which different factors contribute to observed inequalities.

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For example, it could break down stereotypes on women in leadership and encourage women to pursue their careers further, to seek for roles which they would have not otherwise considered and to ask for more raises and promotions11. Having more diversity on the board can break down gender barriers by broadening women’s “professional imagination”, providing them with role models and increasing their capacity to project themselves into leadership roles. Higher numbers of women on boards can therefore instigate cultural change and has a strong symbolic meaning, showing that women can be leaders12. Considerable attention has been directed towards the number of women at board level, and to a lesser extent, in executive positions. This has led to positive developments, as we see that the percentage of women on boards has increased across all regions over recent years. The following flow charts show the proportion of companies according to the percentage of women on their board, and how the trend evolves over time.

It also underscores that gender equality is concerned not only with the roles, responsibilities and needs of women and men, but also with the interrelationships between them. This study highlights the laws and policies in G7 countries that impact the lives of women. It showcases the progress of 350 companies against Women’s well written gender issues paper Empowerment Principles indicators, underscoring the importance of WEPs as a framework in providing concrete steps to advance women’s economic empowerment in the workplace, marketplace, and community. The impact of gender inequality on the HIV response efforts is widely acknowledged, yet, efforts to rectify this are lagging.

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The plan aligns with initiatives to achieve gender equity in some European countries, including Sweden, as well as Canada. But the lives of men are just as strongly influenced by gender as those of women. Societal norms and conceptions of masculinity and expectations of men as leaders, husbands or sons create demands on men and shape their behaviour. Men are too often expected to concentrate on the material needs of their families, rather than on the nurturing and caring roles assigned to women. Socialization in the family and later in schools promotes risk-taking behaviour among young men, and this is often reinforced through peer pressure and media stereotypes. So the lifestyles that men’s roles demand often result in their being more exposed to greater risks of morbidity and mortality than women.

Institutional change in employer policies that eased both men’s and women’s ability to combine family with work would also help close the gender gap in pay, provided that such policies are not used only by women, perpetuating the expectation that women will carry most of the responsibility of care. Together, the current research illustrates that even when issues of women’s representation in a field have we write essay largely been resolved—even when there is a wealth of women who have made it into the field’s “pipeline,” with careers fully underway—gender biases can thrive. Yes, it appears that gender bias is still a problem, but not everyone is contributing to it equally. There is instead a focal group of individuals who are perpetuating this bias, and it is perhaps ironically those who think it is not happening.

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The company becomes a revolving door for workers, and it will be more difficult to attract and retain talented employees who can always find a mentally healthier and more supportive analytical essay help work environment that makes accommodations for gender equality for all workers. The sample included 5554 articles, of which 1975 (35.6%) had women as primary authors .

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