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Minwoo has also led tours of Cornell University for high school students attending Kweller Prep’s summer SAT classes. Most notably, Minwoo led a 350 Asian-American parent and student info session in the winter of 2018 on the competitive college application process where the majority of parents were not native English speakers. Minwoo has taught mcap discord a number of classes at Kweller Prep and is one of our most versatile tutors. He’s taught the Hunter program, ACT, SAT, and SHSAT classes for years. We are honored to add that years ago, Minwoo rescheduled a surgical procedure to repair his eye just so that his SHSAT students would have no interruption of substitute tutor before the test.

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  • He scored 2200/2400 on his SAT, with a perfect 800 Math score, and scored 750 on the Chemistry subject test, 760 on the Math I subject test, and 730 on the Math II subject test.
  • He also took 7 AP level courses, scoring perfect 5’s on the Chemistry, Calculus BC, and Psychology exams.
  • Chris graduated from Forest Hills High School in 2015, where he held a 99.3 GPA.
  • He has served as a teaching assistant for organic chemistry lecture for two semesters at Caltech and for two semesters at Columbia, and was awarded the prestigious Associated Students of Caltech Teaching Award in 2019 for his excellence in teaching.
  • He is proud to be a Forest Hills, Queens native and is extremely grateful to be living in Morningside Heights, Manhattan, right next to campus.
  • At FHHS, he was the elected senior class president, founded and organized the school’s first chemistry club, and was leader of the math competition team.

William also took advanced physics and engineering courses while at UIC. He has a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences from Rosalind Franklin University and attended medical school at Chicago Medical School. William has had a passion for science and technology since childhood. He performed experiments, built robots, and won science fairs since his elementary years. By the age of 13, he became the youngest certified Tesla Coil builder ever, successfully constructing a 200,000-volt lightning bolt generator. During his freshman year at UIC, William founded a robotics organization known as the Engineering Design Team . Within its first few years, the organization won numerous national robotics competitions and even participated in the NASA Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition.

His goal is to influence education on a much greater scale and hopes his legacy will be one where he helped make access to higher education material more universal. William teaches a variety of physics classes at Kweller mcap discord Prep. KSENYA is currently a freshman in Adelphi University’s Nursing Program and on the Presidency Academic Scholarship. As a college freshman, Kissenya was placed on the Dean’s list due to her academic excellence.

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CHRIS is a graduate student at Columbia University, where he is pursuing his PhD in Chemistry under a Dean’s Fellowship for 5 years, which pays for his full tuition and grants him a stipend. in Chemistry from the California Institute of Technology , which is well known to have the most rigorous STEM core curriculum in the country. He holds a 4.0 GPA at Columbia and graduated from Caltech with a 3.7 GPA. Chris currently conducts full-time research in an organic chemistry lab developing novel reaction methods for drug synthesis, where he works for the Chair Professor of the Columbia Chemistry Department.

When Josh was a senior at FHHS, he applied for and won a scholarship from JP Morgan’s Smart Start program—which covered the full cost of his college tuition at NYU, saving him hundreds of thousands of dollars. The JP Morgan Scholarship also provided Josh with a paid internship at JP Morgan Chase for all four years throughout college.

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Ksenya graduated from Forest Hills High School and was a member of their selective Carl Sagan Math and Science Research Program. Kissenya graduated top 1% from her high school and maintained a class rank of 11/1056 and a 101 cumulative weighted average. Throughout her years of chemistry-based research in high school, she won two out of three state science fairs, ranking first place. In her senior year of high school, Ksenya was one out of sixty students in her grade to be granted a research internship in Northwell Health Hospitals. Throughout her high school career, she took 4 AP classes including AP Biology, Precalculus, AP Statistics, and AP Government and received a 4/5 or higher on all her exams. Along with AP courses, Ksenya attended College Now and graduated from high School with over 20 college credits.

During his junior year, Yakubmier was nominated for the Phi Beta Kappa Society, the nation’s oldest and most prestigious academic honor society. Yakubmier was a member of the Biology, Chemistry and Physics Honor Societies at Queens College, so he prepared recitations for students to supplement lecture materials and also volunteered for peer tutoring. Math and science courses were always his favorite and he enjoyed helping his peers to understand challenging concepts. As a neuroscience major, he was a member of a QC neuroscience research lab for three years where he co-authored a study on the distribution of perineuronal nets in the rat brain and presented results at several research conferences. At QC, he was also vice president of the Future Healers of America club which provides members with relevant information and events to make them better applicants for medical or dental schools.

William is the author of Kweller Prep’s AP Physics 1, an in-depth review coursebook he wrote completely by hand, color-coded, and illustrated. William graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago , with a major in kinesiology and a minor in neuroscience.

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In high school, Josh took AP English, AP US History, AP Biology, AP US Government, and AP Economics. He was a member of the “We The People US Government” team at Forest Hills High School and, under his leadership, the school won the first place prize in the New York City competition among all NYC high schools. The son of Bukharian immigrants, Joshua aspires to become a lawyer. Joshua’s long-term goals are to become a pioneer of law and follow the footsteps of legal revolutionaries including Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in transforming the United States into a more fair and just society.

At Caltech, he took many advanced lecture and laboratory courses in chemistry, calculus, differential equations, physics, biology, and geology. He also was the outreach director for his school, where he would frequently visit local elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools in Southern California to perform chemistry demos and to inspire the youth to study science. He has served as a teaching assistant for organic chemistry lecture for two semesters at Caltech and for two semesters at Columbia, and was awarded the prestigious Associated Students of Caltech Teaching Award in 2019 for his excellence in teaching. Chris graduated from Forest Hills High School in 2015, where he held a 99.3 GPA.

After months of preparation at Kweller Prep, Joshua scored a 2280/2400 on his SAT. He gained acceptance to several top colleges across the country. Josh graduated from Forest Hills High School with a 100+ weighted GPA, among the top 1% of his high school class.

mcap discord

Minwoo has helped many high school students at Kweller Prep with drafting, outlining, and brainstorming their college essays. With his assistance, students have been accepted to Ivies such as Princeton, Harvard, and Yale. Minwoo achieved scores of 2320/2400 on the SAT and a perfect score of 36/36 on his ACT.

After college graduation, Josh received scholarship offers to several law schools, including UCLA, Cardozo, George Washington University, and Fordham. US History review course and 4th grade ELA and Math Prep program at Kweller Prep. Hardworking and driven to succeed, he serves as an excellent role model for the students here. Joshua first started Kweller Prep as a student years ago and has since become a tutor. Josh, along with his outstanding circle of friends, prepared for the SATs at Kweller Prep all summer after tenth grade.

He also received the National Merit Semifinalist scholarship for scoring in the top percentile on his PSAT. Outside of Kweller Prep, Minwoo is studying for his LSAT, preparing to enter law school and dedicate his career to focusing on environmental policy. Minwoo has served as an intern legal assistant for two law firms in the past mcap discord two years and is a member of the Roosevelt Institute, a policy organization where he and his team develop environmental and sustainability policies to improve Cornell’s campus. In his free time, Minwoo likes to dance, as he does with his team BreakFree at Cornell, and tries to avoid thinking about the Knicks as much as he can.

At the same time, he rose in the ranks at CityMD, where he began as a scribe documenting and saw patients with providers before becoming a scribe supervisor and trainer for CityMD’s corporate office. In those two years he sat for the mcap discord LSAT, GMAT, GRE, and MCAT scorning a 172/180, a 760/800, a perfect score, and a 515/528 on those exams respectively. Mo settled on attending business school in the fall of 2018 at NYU Stern where he was given a full scholarship.

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During his senior year, Jack served as the team’s vice president, teaching over 100 new student delegates how to compete. He competed actively in the New York City high school circuit as well as the Northeast college circuit, earning a plethora of awards at some of the world’s most prestigious and competitive Model UN conferences. He co-founded mcap discord Raise Your Placard, an organization that helps develop Model UN teams in underfunded middle schools. Jack scored a perfect 36/36 on his first time taking the ACT. His first PSAT score was a 1460/1580, and on his first SAT was a 1550/1600. On his Chemistry SAT II, Jack got a perfect 800/800 and scored 780/800 on both Math II and Physics.

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We are so proud to add that Kissenya was an SAT student at Kweller Prep. After attending Kweller Prep’s summer SAT camp for 7 weeks, Ksenya received a 1460/1600 on her SATs scoring 720/800 on writing and reading, and 740/800 in math, and 23/24 on the essay section. She was proficient in all high school regents exams by her sophomore year of high school and graduated with an Advanced Regents Diploma. mcap discord In her spare time, Ksenya is fluent in Russian, Persian, and English. She enjoys writing, photography, traveling with friends, and spending time with her family. JOSH attends Cardozo Law School on a merit scholarship, and currently takes Property law, Constitutional law, Criminal law, Contracts law, and Legal Writing. Josh is a recent graduate from New York University’s College of Arts and Sciences.

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