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sale of accounting practice agreement

The right consultants, financial advisors, lawyers, and intermediaries will help you price and market your firm for optimal results. They’ll help you find the right buyers, qualify them, write contracts, negotiate, and develop a succession plan. Multiple factors determine the right time to sell an accounting practice, but the most important is that you’re personally ready to sell. If you are financially ready to retire or to move into a different line of work, emotionally ready to relinquish control of your firm, and have made clear plans for your future, then it’s time to consider selling your practice. In another example, an SPA is often required during a transaction in which one business is acquiring another.

sale of accounting practice agreement

To gain a full understanding of your practice, operations, staff, client base, and areas of expertise. We review your firm’s strengths and weaknesses to build a plan for a successful transition. On the flip side, there may be legislative reasons for having staff with individual tax registrations. So what a buyer really wants to see are robust employment agreements, with effective restraint clauses clearly stating that if an employee wants to exit with a client, they have to buy the client. Take the time to thoroughly research your own firm and the market, and find the right experts to help you, so you can sell your practice for the best price.

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Subject to obtaining any necessary third Person consents pursuant to Section 4.8, the closing of the transactions contemplated hereby will not result in an actual or potential default, or require the payment of any sum of money, under any Temporary Personnel Contract . Within 90 days after the Closing Date, Buyer shall prepare and deliver to Sellers a statement of the current assets and current Liabilities of Sellers as of the Closing Date (the “Closing Date Net Working Capital Statement”) for purposes of specifically determining the Adjusted Net Working Capital of the Business as of the Closing Date. The Bulk Sales Tax Holdback Amount will be disbursed pursuant to Section 1.12. There are more sophisticated earnings formula clauses as well, such as multiples of EBITDA.

  • The typical practice sale process will have many moving parts, and you can expect to see many professionals involved.
  • The partnership agreement should require all retirees to have a transition plan.
  • If you would like some help right off the bat, please contact our brokers here for custom advice on how to sell your bookkeeping or tax practice.
  • The buyer’s focus should be on determining the time, effort, and level of staff that will be needed to complete the work, and the subsequent billing rate and client fees, as compared to the seller’s current capabilities.
  • Accounting for these terms in writing at the time of the creation of the buy-sell agreement helps define how the purchase price will be paid.

Sellers have committed no act, and there has been no omission by Sellers, that would reasonably be expected to give rise to any material Liability for breach of warranty on the part of Sellers, with respect to services rendered prior to or on the Closing Date. Sellers own or possess from each appropriate Governmental Body all right, title and interest in and to all Permits issued by any Governmental Body necessary to conduct the Business.

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For example, there could be wording that if the seller does do work for or solicit work from an existing client that he/she would have to compensate the buyer 150% of one year’s gross fees from that client. Sellers often mistakenly believe that because they have a strong personal relationship with a potential buyer, that that buyer shares the same goals as well as the abilities needed to successfully take over the reins of their CPA firm. It is often too late when the seller realizes the mistake and now sees their visions are not aligned. Learn your clients’ businesses to provide entrepreneurial and business advice as well as tax advice. Make personal visits to the offices of key clients to get to know their businesses better. The buyer is not allowed to hire employees or solicit clients of the seller’s firm without the seller’s authorization. The key to the successfully navigating a deal through the contract negotiation process is to avoid spending too much time on “everything else.” Unfortunately, legalese can contribute to an obfuscation of the 5 essentials.

sale of accounting practice agreement

As a result, you should not necessarily sell your practice when you are ready to, but when you plan to. Except as required by applicable Law, no public announcements or public disclosures of any kind concerning the terms of this Agreement or concerning the transactions contemplated hereby shall be made without the prior mutual consent of Buyer and Sellers, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld, delayed or conditioned. Such setoff is not the sole and exclusive remedy of Buyer. Such cooperation and information shall include providing copies of relevant Tax Returns, or portions thereof, imposed upon or related to the Assets or the Business, together with associated schedules and related work papers and documents relating to rulings or other determinations by taxing authorities. Each Party shall make its employees available on a mutually convenient basis to provide explanation of any documents or information provided hereunder. No consent, approval, order or authorization of, or registration, qualification, designation, declaration or filing with, any Governmental Body is required on the part of Buyer in connection with the sale and purchase of the Assets or any of the other transactions contemplated by this Agreement.

While rarely used, all partnership agreements should have a dissolution section addressing what will happen if the firm dissolves. After dissolution, the firm may no longer have the right to enforce restrictive covenants because it no longer has a protectible interest in its business. Therefore, without something in the agreement, any partner can take clients without payment and there would be no way to fund retirement payments owed to previously retired partners or those nearing retirement at the time of dissolution. Therefore, it is important to require partners to pay for the clients that they take after the firm dissolves. If the firm is sold or merged, rather than dissolved, the dissolution provision will often have to be overridden by agreement of the partners because the merger consideration will likely be distributed in a different fashion than is specified in the partnership agreement. Whether it’s a buyer starting a cpa firm from home or a larger firm wanting to acquire a small practice, the main benefit is that revenue will be rolling in from day 1, whereas startups with no clients often have to wait months to catch their first big break – and then possibly years to turn a profit. Also, the act of acquiring an accounting or tax firm is not just buying a business, it’s actually acquiring a valuable client list and potentially a team of talented employees and financial specialists.

A successful purchase agreement is one that is written so that everyone understands the terms of the contract and can move forward with ease and assurance in a timely manner. If you missed our recent podcast with Chris Sloan on contracts, that is an excellent resource to check out.

Five Variables When Valuing A Small Firm

You may also want to align the timing with your current office lease. Leases can be a big issue affecting the sale of smaller accounting firms. Buyers will typically want to move your practice into their offices, and they won’t want unnecessary lease payments. If you’re thinking of selling an accounting practice in the next three to five years, you need to take action now. Like anything in work and in life, failure to successfully plan generally leads to lackluster results. If your retirement plans depend on the successful sale of your accounting practice, you need a plan. Self-employed people don’t set aside enough time to plan the exit and sale of their accounting businesses.

In a merger, the merging-in partners will generally be required to put in their capital that is available from their existing firm and fund any deficiency in a relatively short period of time. The partnership agreement should also provide for a mechanism to call capital or retain capital in proportion to either partner income summary compensation or percentage interest in the firm. In concept, firms with consulting or other practices can raise outside capital for those businesses, but this is rarely done in practice. There is typically interest paid on capital at the prime rate plus a percentage that can be adjusted by the executive committee.

sale of accounting practice agreement

Parents always helped with homework and made sure that children fulfill their duties, such as chores. Still, the increased and frequently unstructured time families spend together during the current pandemic situation makes new challenges. A. Yes, in most cases the sales that we’ve been involved with include a one-year guarantee.

The Contingency Clauses That Can Delay Or Prevent A Home From Selling

This Agreement and the other Buyer Documents have been duly executed and delivered by Buyer. Set forth on Schedule 2.17 is a complete list of all Intellectual Property .

Selling an accounting practice can be scary prospect for smaller firms. You’re probably worried about what will happen if word gets out. Maybe you could lose key clients or some of the staff you rely on so heavily. Cloud-based buyers have often built service packages inside their own firms. They sell these products on a subscription basis to improve overall profitability. Their return on investment on the purchase of your firm will be better if they don’t have to burn time and money educating your clients on the benefits of the cloud.

Accounting Today is a leading provider of online business news for the accounting community, offering breaking news, in-depth features, and a host of resources and services. At Zoom Business Brokers, our experienced business brokers have helped hundreds of small and medium-size business owners across Southern California achieve the exit they deserve. Let us help you get the best value for your years of hard work. To ensure you have the best shot at selling your business at a price and in a manner your years of effort deserve, it makes sense to work with an experienced business broker. If you would like some help right off the bat, please contact our brokers here for custom advice on how to sell your bookkeeping or tax practice. The Exhibits, Schedules and recitals to this Agreement are hereby incorporated by reference into and made a part of this Agreement for all purposes.

From a buyer’s point of view, a firm in which a single owner or one partner totally controls all aspects of the firm is not valuable. These are the owners or partners who sign every check, review every invoice, make every decision and maintain every client relationship.

When implemented properly, this strategy can eliminate the risk of a failed sale. Do you have regular and automated electronic communications processes in place? Many less savvy firms don’t even have a proper email database. That’s not great when it comes to selling an accounting practice.

If you can’t answer the questions that will be asked, or don’t like the answers you are able to give, it is time to address the deficiencies. Similar to a house, prospective buyers are going to want to come in and inspect everything; after all, they are not just interested in buying the bricks and mortar, but everything else that comes along with it. Just like selling a house, the first decisions you have to make are whether you actually want to sell, and when sale of accounting practice agreement you want to sell. Having explained these above, the next step is to start preparing your house – even if that selling date is years away. Once you have decided on a longer-term plan (i.e. the year you plan to sell), it’s also worth considering the month or relevant ‘season’ to sell. By considering and covering each of the points listed above, you should have a solid letter of intent that will alleviate any ambiguity and make for a smoother transaction.

Obviously, there are situations where other factors impact value. Quality of staff, employee competitive threats, partner non-compete issues, nonrecurring revenues, very strong growth, declining revenue trends, and very large clients are some of the more common factors encountered. Location – In general, there are more buyers in large metropolitan areas than in rural ones.

Prepare And Spend Time Getting Your Business Ready Prior To The Sale

Affirm to the clients the reasons this particular buyer was the best fit for your practice inclusive of the buyer’s professional and other qualifications. The PCPS Succession Planning Resource Center is available The buyer will conduct no discussions with employees or clients without the seller’s authorization.

If there are no such restrictions, the seller will need to include additional language in the buyout contract protecting the firm from such fallout. If the seller physically visits certain clients and works there, the buyer will have a tough time replacing the seller with its own staff. In many clients’ minds, the seller’s fee may be partially justified based on the time an accountant is dedicating to the client while in their facility. The buyer should be prepared, at least during the transition, to handle clients the same way the seller had. Many firms obtain life insurance on their partners in order to fund some or all of the buy-out payments. I think there is logic here in that on a death, there is less time to transition the business.

Sellers have performed all obligations required to be performed by them under, are not in any respect in default under or in violation of, and, to the Knowledge of Sellers, no other party is in default or otherwise in violation of, any Employee Benefit Plan. Schedule 2.12 sets forth a true and complete list of all temporary personnel of Sellers (the “Temporary Personnel), including the name, pay rate, bill rate and customer assignment for each Temporary Personnel. No employee of Sellers maintains H-1B nonimmigrant status as of the date hereof. Schedule 2.12 sets forth a true and complete list of all executive and staff employees of Sellers (the “Staff Employees”), including the name, title or job description, compensation and benefits for each Staff Employee. All Acquired Accounts Receivable that are reflected in the Financial Statements and the Aged A/R Report represent valid obligations arising from services actually performed by Sellers or on their behalf in the ordinary course of the Business. Except to the extent paid prior to the Closing Date, such Acquired Accounts Receivable are current and collectible net of any respective reserves shown in the Financial Information, which reserves are adequate and calculated consistent with past practice in the ordinary course of the Business. Each of such Acquired Accounts Receivable either has been or will be collected in full, net of such respective reserves, without any setoff, within 120 days after the Closing Date.

Sellers have the right to use all Intellectual Property used by Sellers or necessary in connection with the operation of the Business without infringing on the rights of any Person, and Sellers are not obligated to pay any royalty or other consideration to any Person in connection with the use of any such Intellectual Property. All Intellectual Property included within the Assets is fully transferable to Buyer without any material modification or payment.

Choosing the right broker can remove much of the stress of purchasing a CPA firm and make the process run much more smoothly. The first step to selling a tax or accounting firm at a good value is knowing bookkeeping when to sell. There are countless situations where a founder finds they are ready to let go of their practice. But a common mistake many make is expecting a sale to come naturally at this point.

The real reason is often that they are not ready to let go of the firm. Partners have often spent many years at a firm, and much of their identity is tied into the practice and the profession. Finding self-worth after retiring can be very difficult for some, and taking time off to develop hobbies and outside interests to make sure you are ready to retire is critical. A sophisticated buyer is able to easily determine the profitability of clients. The most common item that decreases value is when a firm fails to routinely increase fees, resulting in very low margin clients. It is important to raise fees each year to maintain pace with inflation and make certain that the fees are at market level.

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