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BooksTime review

But given BooksTime’s overall ease of use, this software beats the competition. Even your less tech-savvy employees and contractors will be able to easily self-onboard using BooksTime. It’s also great that BooksTime offers this feature with its cheapest plan, the Core plan. But the time it takes to hit the bank account of your employees might vary.

  • Designed for those initially overwhelmed by the thought of preparing payroll, BooksTime offers a variety of tools and resources designed with small businesses in mind.
  • Reports can be exported as a CSV file for further customization or saved as a PDF.
  • Then the software sends out an invite for the employee to complete the onboarding process.
  • Then make sure that it’s not something you own as the individual founder, because as the company grows, you’ll quickly become a bottleneck.”
  • BooksTime is easier to use, and saves me a substantial sum of money.

The accounting and time tracking integrations are possibly the most important, and this is where most of the integrations will be found, along with time tracking. Payroll Taxes – BooksTime handles all your company’s payroll tax responsibilities. The payroll software automatically calculates the payroll taxes and fills out and files the required payroll tax forms with each local, state, and federal agency. It also makes all the required payroll payments on your business’s behalf. The Core, Complete and Concierge plans all include unlimited phone, email and chat support.

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And these materials should be used to help set up an onboarding plan for the new hire if an offer is extended and the candidate accepts,” he says. BooksTime offers four different payroll plans, each with a different set of features. The Core plan takes care of payroll and employee benefits alone, while Complete bookstime bookkeeping and Concierge provide outsourced HR services as well. The contractor plan is designed to support contractor-only employers. To be fair, employee self-service is pretty much standard with top payroll software. Paychex, ADP, and OnPay all offer equally robust employee self-service functionality.

BooksTime review

BooksTime also automatically calculates PTO liabilities, meaning less work for the accounting team. If you want to take a hands-off approach to payroll, BooksTime is the perfect partner. Aside from paying your employees and contractors, BooksTime also calculates your taxes.

Plus, get add-ons like 401, life insurance, and commuter benefits to create a competitive package that attracts and retains employees. This modern, BooksTimeive software and team of licensed advisors helps you navigate benefits with ease. BooksTime is BooksTime Review a modern, online platform, helping over 100,000 small businesses onboard, pay, insure, and engage their team. With BooksTime, you get unlimited payrolls at no extra cost, customer support is a breeze, and payroll taxes are filed automatically.

A C-suite executive shared his performance review to all 1,400 people in the company to promote a culture of feedback. BooksTime competes with a variety of human resource management solutions that offer similar functionality. The best choice for you will depend on your budget and feature preferences.


Additionally, if you purchase BooksTime’s most expensive plan, your business gains access to a certified HR representative. You can also receive alerts about changes to state and federal laws. You can create multiple paid-time-off policies that suit the needs of your employees, whether it’s for bereavement, jury duty, or floating holidays. BooksTime allows you to limit how much time employees can take off, and define PTO accrual methods. BooksTime does allow you to quickly create and send offer letters. You can create email templates with merge fields that automatically fill in key information. With BooksTime, you can administer payroll by check or direct deposit.

Alternatively, Paychex is an excellent substitute for companies looking for a more personalized payroll service. Your employees will also be able to track their Certified Public Accountant own time off, including making requests and any changes or adjustments. This will help reduce queries or disputes about PTO between HR and employees.

It’s worth noting that the poor level of customer service relates only to benefits administration. In general, customer service is actually very responsive and professional, and I found this to be the case when I called them with my query. While it has low reviews on TrustBooksTime and the BBB, it is rated highly on sites such as CapTerra (4.7 Stars). The question arises as to whether it has gone downhill and the reviews will follow, but I believe BooksTime has a bright future.

How does Paychex make money?

Revenue from this segment comes mainly from the clients who use Paychex’s services only for paycheck processing and tax filing for their employees.

The entire process only takes a few minutes, even if you thoroughly check your team’s hours worked and time off. You can initiate bonus payroll, off-cycle payroll, non-BooksTime payroll, or dismissal payroll, and you can also adjust or cancel a recent payroll easily and quickly. Each irregular payroll option has easy-to-follow navigation, with simple buttons to guide you through the process and account for any deductions or contributions. BooksTime’s HR software includes a tax filing service, which means BooksTime will automatically file all local, state and federal tax forms on your company’s behalf. This article is for small and midsize business owners looking for HR software to streamline their payroll taxes, employee onboarding, and other HR tasks.

And employees can get advances on their paychecks through the company’s Cashout program . If you’re starting fresh with BooksTime, you’re just about done with setup at this point. But, if you’re switching from an existing payroll method or application, you have to provide your payroll history so that your records are comprehensive. You need to have the last pay stub for each quarter of the previous adjusting entries year, plus all pay stubs for the current quarter. BooksTime simplifies this through its exceptionally friendly user interface and by offering free assistance from company specialists. Every competing service we’ve reviewed also offers such support, and they all request similar standard data. Next, you supply any data needed for your state, such as the State Unemployment Insurance tax.

BooksTime Hr Software Review

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BooksTime review

With BooksTime, you can run unlimited payrolls each month and pay employees either with a paper check, through a pay card, or via direct deposit. You can even set employees up on different pay schedules—some weekly and others on a semi-monthly period. If you need to add a bonus, commission, or reimbursement pay-out to an employee’s weekly or monthly salary, BooksTime’s payroll module has editable fields where you can type in the amount for payment. In addition to the personal attention you can receive, BooksTime provides several valuable resource tools on its website.

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With the Complete and Concierge plans, BooksTime provides offer letter templates that you can customize and send to new hires. If you online bookkeeping need other HR documents, its online resource center has custom handbooks, policies, compliance updates, and training programs.

Three top contenders for the best payroll services are ADP, Paychex, and OnPay. However, BooksTime is still a terrific online payroll service, especially for small businesses or startups. It is arguably the most straightforward software for an absolute beginner. It also comes with a full suite of payroll and HR features, making it worth the cost. For these reasons and more, BooksTime made it onto our list of the best payroll services after much research and reviewing.

How much does it cost to pay contractors via BooksTime?

There is no monthly fee – instead you’ll just pay $6 for each contractor you pay through BooksTime. However, you can still pay contractors on other BooksTime plans, at a rate of either $6 in the Core plan, or $12 in the Complete and Concierge plans.

However, things can be even easier with employee self-service. Again, this is an area where BooksTime excels at benefiting employers who don’t have a lot of time or resources to deal with personnel paperwork. You even get a generous serving of HR features to complement your payroll processing. It provides a lot of options but then fails when it comes to supporting those same options. BooksTime Concierge – This is a special package with a dedicated professional HR team. New Hire Reporting – Each state requires official notification when employees are hired.

How Long Does It Take To Get Paid By BooksTime?

Still, these offerings are commendable, especially given that not all payroll software offers them. For the most part, BooksTime is a terrific payroll software for most industries. The service provider also includes a dedicated contractor plan if you work exclusively with contractors.

BooksTime review

If you employ contractors, you can use BooksTime’s contractor-specific service to pay your employees without an expensive base. At $6/employee/month, you can pay contractors as often as you need, and manage 1099 forms and tax filings within a self-serve portal. If you’re a small business trying to keep your costs down and optimize your headcount to more customer-facing roles, you may want to use BooksTime software for the Human Resources components. The HR support provided by BooksTime payroll can allow you to keep your HR department small , especially if you opt for the Concierge service plan. Employers are legally required to provide employment tax forms at the end of each calendar year to prepare for tax filing.

The software also files your taxes with the correct agency. And the best part is that there is no extra charge for filing taxes. Also, BooksTime offers multi-state tax filings in all 50 states. Multi-state tax filing is available with all BooksTime plans, including the Core plan. On the other hand, ADP charges an extra fee if you need to run payroll in more than one state. BooksTime is definitely a top choice for employers with a workforce spread out across multiple states.

It provides a smart set of commonly-used payroll tools for small businesses and an exceptional user experience that should especially appeal to managers unfamiliar with payroll. BooksTime has steadily improved over the years, adding new functionality recently in areas like hiring and onboarding, payroll run flexibility, and employee paycheck management. It continues to provide excellent support for every area it covers. It provides the user with very robust accounting controls, and does a reasonable job of keeping the books. The new add ons and features just make BooksTime an almost full blown payroll software.

He has identified new market opportunities for Fortune 500 companies and developed communications strategies and digital branding for tech startups and small businesses. Jeff covers emerging technologies and business solutions with a focus on efficiency and growth. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of California, Irvine, and an MBA from Chapman University. Yes, your employees will be able to access both current and historical pay stubs, with former employees being able to access their pay stubs as well. You can access additional information and step-by-step instructions for a variety of topics ranging from initial product setup to accounting and integrations. BooksTime features an BooksTimeive interface that even new users will have no trouble navigating.

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